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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my WhatsApp Message not sending?

It is usually because of the below issues:

Messaging window: You may not have opened the messaging window as you and the customer had no conversation in the last 24 hours. You need to send a template message to reopen the messaging window to respond to the customers. You can check more details about messaging window here.

Message Format: The template message you sent may not be in the registered templates' right format. Please check again with your template on the platform or submit new templates for WhatsApp to review. For more information about template messages, please check this guide.

For users who apply for Official WhatsApp via Twilio, you'll have to upgrade to a paid Twilio account to send messages to all other recipients. To test the function, you can add your number to the verified caller ID. After that, please upgrade (from the top right corner) and top up with some credits to start sending.

2. Do I have to pay separately on both the SleekFlow plan and the Official WhatsApp plan?

Yes, the bill has to be separate from your SleekFlow account. For example, you subscribe to Pro Plan and connect to Official WhatsApp Business API. You need to pay for the SleekFlow Pro Plan price and the Official WhatsApp Business API pay-as-you-go fee. To enjoy a better rate, please talk to our consultants to offer a better bulk pricing option as a certified Twilio Partner.

3. What is the pricing for Official WhatsApp Business API?

Twilio charges WhatsApp Messages on a pay-as-you-go basis. Each country has different messaging pricing for templated and session messages. For more information, please check this link and search for your countries: https://www.twilio.com/whatsapp/pricing/us.

4. Is there any limits on how many messages each WhatsApp number can send?

Yes! WhatsApp has imposed rate-limiting when ramping up your Official WhatsApp messaging application for these approved and enabled customers. (1000 unique recipients/ day when you start)

Please refer to the guide below to learn more.

pageWhatsApp Rate Limiting

5. Is there any restrictions for sending and receiving attachment on Official WhatsApp?

Yes. Official WhatsApp supports sending and receiving images, audio, and PDF files as attachments.

Below are the supported file formats:










MP4 (with H.264 video codec and AAC audio)


vCard (.vcf)

You can send media messages for a maximum of 16 MB in size. A WhatsApp media message can only contain one media object. If you need to send a media file that exceeds the file size limit, you will need to reduce the size before sending it.

Please note that WhatsApp does not support including a text body in the same message as a video, audio file, document, contact (vCard), or location.

If you send the attachments and text in the same messages, the text message will be ignored and not delivered to the device. You will need to send the attachment and text messages separately.

6. Is there any limitations on the Official WhatsApp Business API?

Chat: Group messages are not supported by Official WhatsApp Business API. Contacts cannot invite the Official WhatsApp number to the group chat. WhatsApp Business API does not support WhatsApp calls as well.

Broadcast: The message content must be an approved template message without any attachment. Or else the messages will be failed to deliver.

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