Salesforce CRM

Connect Salesforce CRM to SleekFlow.

Why you should integrate Salesforce? Refer to our blog here to see how this could power up your social commerce strategy on SleekFlow!

This integration is an add-on. Reach out to us for a consultation!

1. Add Integration

Navigate to Channels > Integrations > CRM platform. Click "Connect" next to "Salesforce".

Click Connect to Salesforce to proceed

2. Map Salesforce properties to SleekFlow

Select the field from Salesforce to map to SleekFlow correspondingly.

Click Next to proceed.

3. Sync SleekFlow properties to Salesforce

Select SleekFlow properties to sync with Salesforce correspondingly. Click Next to proceed.

4. Map Salesforce accounts to SleekFlow

Match the account users from both platforms.

Make sure the account data matches. Click Next to proceed.

5. Import Salesforce Contacts

Set the Import Conditions based on your preferences and make sure you filled in the values for each field. Click Start Sync to proceed.

If the contact limit exceeds, import might not be successful.

6. Sync Contacts

It might take up to 15-20 minutes to complete the sync.

Once the contacts were imported, you will be redirected back to Channels.

How often does Salesforce sync for the integration?

  • SleekFlow to Salesforce : real-time

  • Salesforce to SleekFlow : every 15 minutes

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