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Find your specific template to set up auto-replies and auto-messages in no time!

I. Incoming Messages

Under this scenario, auto-replies will only be sent with an incoming message from the customer

1. Greetings and Assign New Contacts to Staff (Live Chat, FB Ads, etc.)

Greet customers based on different conditions such as channels, country code and time of contact

2. Auto-reply for Existing Customers

Welcome returning customers with a warm greeting and personalized message

3. Auto-reply During Off Business Hours

Ask for contact details or business information to get back on the next day

4. Auto-reply Based on Keywords

Reply new customers based on specific keywords and assign to specific staff

5. Auto-reply when Customers Reply a Campaign

Reply customers when they respond to a campaign message that has options of purchase

6. Reassign Returning Customers

Reassign to a specific person or by queue when a returning customer sends you a message

7. Segmenting customers from different enquiries

Direct customers to the correct staff based off of their response to a set series of questions

II. Newly Added Contacts

An auto-message will only be sent if the contact is new and you have had no previous contact.

8 . Proactively Reach Out to Newly Added Contacts

Take the first step and greet newly added customers

9. Proactively Send Messages to Leads

Send messages to customers who have filled out forms such as Facebook Lead Ads and Google Forms

10. Send Drip Campaign Messages when Customers Sign Up

Send multiple messages in a certain period of time

III. Contact Data Field Updated

An auto-message will only be sent when a contact data field is updated

11. Notify Customers with Updated Status

Update customers' status including reward points, change of plan, booking confirmation, etc. and send them a message to notify them

12. Update Contact Data and Add and Remove from List

Update customer status from Customer to VIP, and add them to the VIP list while removing them from Customer list

IV. Scheduled Actions

An auto-message will be sent on the scheduled time

13. Schedule Periodic Promotional Messages

Send birthday greetings on the 1st day of each month for birthday promotions

14. Send Booking Reminders

Remind customers of their appointments a couple of days before their appointment
Change if messages sent by you will be displayed immediately, with a delay or not at all.

15. Send Internal Reminder

Deliver reminders to internal members within your company

16. Auto Close Conversations

Move inactive conversations from Open to Close periodically