FAQs - Campaign
Common questions about campaign.

1. How long does it take for all my messages to send?

For channels such as Line, SMS, messages will instantly send when you start the campaign.
WhatsApp messages are sent at a 5-second interval and have a daily limit of 6000 messages/number.

2. Does every channel support sending media?

For WhatsApp (Third Party), Instagram and Line support sending media.
Official WhatsApp and SMS does not support sending media.

3. How many broadcast messages can I send?

For WhatsApp (Third Party), we recommend users not to send over 500 messages a day to reduce the risk of being blocked by recipients and resulting in a frozen account. If there are 10% reports made by users on WhatsApp, your account will have a high chance of being frozen by WhatsApp. The process of defrosting the account varies from a few days to months.
For WhatsApp (Official), there is an initial sending limit of 1,000 new contacts a day, which would be upgraded by WhatsApp to 10,000 new contacts per day if the limit has exceeded 2,000 new contacts in the first week. For WhatsApp (Official) rate limit, please refer to the guide below to learn more.

4. Is there any metrics for me to view the status of the message?

You can see the following metrics: Sent, Delivered, Read, and Replied.


There will be a single tick at the bottom of the right-hand corner when the message is sent.

Delivered(delivered to the recipient)

There will be a double tick at the bottom of the right-hand corner when the message is delivered.


The double tick turns blue once the message is read.
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