Interactive Messages

Set up interactive messages and quick reply buttons under "Incoming Messages"

You can use Interactive Messages to increase the interactions between you and your customers.

Enabling interactive messages provides convenience for your customers to reply with one just one click! With this feature, you can now deliver messages concisely and allow your customer to reply spontaneously and immediately!

There are two types of Interactive Messages, one is List Messages and another is Quick Reply Buttons.


  1. Twilio WhatsApp channel does NOT support sending Interactive Messages.

  2. Interactive Messages are NOT templates.

  3. Interactive Messages will only be triggered under “Incoming Messages” (within the 24 hours messaging window)

Select Automation Scenario

Go to Automation and select Incoming Messages as the Scenario.

You can then rename the Automation Rule Title and set the Conditions according to your preferences.


To avoid this message being sent every time your customer sends you a message, you can consider adding the condition below:

In simpler terms, the automation will not be triggered if it detects that you have contacted or messaged the customer within this timeframe (10 minutes). You can edit the timeframe based on your preferences. With this condition, it can avoid the message being sent out repeatedly whenever your customer sends in a message.


Add “Send Message”

Click Cloud API / 360Dialog WhatsApp Channel. Then select Type message here.

You can then add the Interactive Messages under Button Type. There are two types of Interactive Messages, one is List Messages and another is Quick Reply Buttons.

1. List Messages

After typing your message, select List Message under Button Type.

You can add up to 10 items.

List title and item names are required; section title and item description are optional.

The recipient can only select one option from the list. When customers selected the option, it will reply both Item Name & Description(if there is any).

2. Quick Reply Buttons

After typing your message, then select Quick Reply under Button Type. You can only add up to 3 buttons and the maximum number of characters for each button is 20 including space or emoji.

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