Connect to your Line Official Account for Business and target customers in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.
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Connecting to Line Business

To connect Line Business to SleekFlow, you will need the following:
Use your existing Line account to sign up for and link with your Line Business account.
Once you have activated your Line Business account, log in to the LINE Developers Console.

Create a Line Provider

After logging into the LINE Developers Console with your LINE account, you need to create a new LINE Provider.
Go ahead and press the "Create a new provider" button. The LINE provider will help you connect your LINE account to SleekFlow.
Enter "SleekFlow" as your provider's name.
Create a new provider |
The provider name is only used internally in the Line Developer Console.

Create a Messaging API Channel

If you do not own any LINE channels yet, create one after you have set up your LINE provider.
Select "Create a Messaging API Channel".
Creating a Messaging API Channel
Follow the instructions and give your LINE channel a name, image, description, etc.
For the plan, select the "Free" plan if you want this LINE Channel to be public to all LINE users.
Once you have filled out the required fields, confirm and verify the information to create your LINE channel.
Terms |

Connect to SleekFlow Platform

Click the "Connect" button next to Line Business.
You'll be prompted to this screen, in which you can obtain the "Webhook URL", and you'll have to fill in the "Channel Name", "Basic ID", "Channel ID" and "Channel Secret".

Channel Name

Enter a name for this specific Line Business Channel for your team to recognize this channel better.
Use names such as "Sales Team", "Support Team", "Marketing Team for Tokyo".

Channel ID and Channel Secret

On the LINE Developers Console, navigate to the Channel "Basic settings" page.
You can find both the Channel ID and Channel Secret.
Channel ID |
Channel Secret |

Basic ID

On the "Messaging API" Tab, you can find the Basic ID.
Bot basic ID |


After that, please navigate to Line Manager portal > Messaging API.
Click "Edit" on the Webhook URL, and paste it with the SleekFlow Webhook URL.
Optionally, you can disable the "Auto-reply messages" and "Greeting messages" items as they might interfere with the SleekFlow Platform.
Auto-reply Line |
Disable Auto-Reply
Return to the SleekFlow Platform and press the blue "Install" button. You are now connected to Line!
Any messages sent to your LINE channel will now be received in your SleekFlow inbox.

Upgrade Line Account

Upgrade Line account to have more allowance of messages.

Update payment method

Register a payment method

Before upgrading your Line account, you need to register a payment method first.
In your web browser, open up your Line Official Account Manager:
1. Click an account in the Accounts list.
2. Click Settings > Payment method under Activity and billing.
3. Click Choose payment method or Change payment method.
4. Select a payment method, then click Continue.
5. Enter the required information.
Once update the payment method, you are ready to upgrade.

Upgrade payment account

1. Click an account in the Accounts list.
2. Click Settings > Monthly plan under Activity and billing.
3. Click Upgrade under the monthly plan you want to purchase.
4. Read and agree to the Terms of Use, then click Purchase.
Upgrade Line account to have more allowance of messages
You can check more information here.