Learn how to manage your teammates' roles on SleekFlow.

View all your team members and their basic information and roles under the User tab by accessing the Settings button.

Add Users

To invite a new user, click on the "Invite User" button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

A prompt to invite users will appear. Choose the correct role, select the Expiration date and press the "Copy" button. Then you can paste the link for your teammate to register their accounts.

Agent Roles

Admin: Can access ALL contacts, conversations and modules. He/ she can also set log-in credentials or update other users' roles.

Team Admin: Can only access all contacts and conversations (of all members) within the team, but not able to access information in other teams. Channels and Automation features are also hidden.

Staff: Can only access contacts and conversations assigned to him/ her, and other unassigned conversations. This role only has access to the Inbox and Contacts.

Every role shall see their mentioned note and have access to specific conversations within 48 hours.

Please note that you can only select Teams and the Team Admin role when subscribed to the Premium Plan.

You can also press "Or send invitation email" button to send an invitation email directly.

Once all fields are filled in, click the "Send" button. An invitation email will be sent.

The new team member will be added to the list of users with a "Pending" tag.

The "Pending" tag indicates that the team member has not yet accepted the invite and created an account on SleekFlow.

The invited team member should check both the email and junk or spam folders for the email invitation to join the team on SleekFlow.

To join the team, click on the blue "Join SleekFlow" button in the email.

Email: Your email address for notification

Username: For login usage. Only lowercase a-z and 0-9 characters without spacing are allowed. Email is not allowed to be used as username.

*Email & Username CANNOT be edited after the account creation

The new team member will be redirected to SleekFlow and create a SleekFlow account to be added to the team.

Fill in all the basic information and click on the blue "Join SleekFlow" button at the bottom.

Once that is done, the new team member will be added to your list of users.

Edit Roles

To edit a team member's role and basic information, hover over the team member's name and click on the "Edit" button.

Make changes such as editing the team member's profile picture, basic contact information, phone number, time zone, teams and user role.

Once the edits are completed, click the "Save" button to make changes.

Remove Users

To remove a user, hover over the team member's name and click on the white "Remove User" button.

Click on the "Remove User" button.

Click on the "Yes, remove" button to complete the removal of the team member from SleekFlow.

Click on the "Cancel" button to abort the removal of the team member and return to the team member's basic information screen.

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