If your Facebook Business Verification icon is greyed out

What steps you can take to enable your Facebook Business Verification

Enabling Process

Step 1. Register a Facebook App

If you already have an App created, please skip to Step 3

First, you need to link your Facebook account to Facebook for Developer.

Press "Login" or "Get Started" on the top right and log into your Facebook account that manages your Facebook Page.

You will then be sent to the Register page.

Please confirm your email address here. If it is incorrect, please press "Update Email".

Please use your company email address, e.g. company@companydomain.com, instead of Gmail.

Choose the best that describes you (preferably Product Manager, Marketer or Other)

You will then direct to the Apps page. Click on the "Create App" button to create an app for your business.

Select Manage Business Integrations for your business

Then select Business and click "Next" for processing.

Complete the form below by inputting your company email and custom display name.

Please remember to select your company's Business Manager Account. Enter your password to continue.

Step 2. Check Business Verification

After completing the App Creation, you will arrive at this page.

Proceed to "Setting" on the left panel and select "Basic" from the dropdown menu.

Scroll down until you see Verification. Click Start Verification.

Select Business Verification.

Select the Facebook Page that you want to get verified.

For example, we have connected "SleekFlow" page.

If you see the notification below, it means that you have not connected your Business Facebook account to the Developer Account. Please press "Get Started" to link your accounts.

Please note that the "Start Verification" button will stay grey if you have a new Facebook Account. You need to submit an app review first before continue Facebook Business Verification.

Refer to our guide below for the steps to submit App Review.

pageSubmit Facebook App Review

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