Team Management

Teamwork makes dream work, read on to learn how to create teams on SleekFlow!
Team Management Tab

View all your teams, members and Team Admins under the "Team Management" tab by accessing the Settings button on the top right.

Team Management:

Adding Teams

To create a new team, click on "Add Team" button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Team Creation Pop Up

A popup to create a team will appear. Give a name and choose a team admin to create a new team. After pressing "Save", the team will be created.

Please note that if the Team Admin chosen is currently a Staff, their role will be automatically upgraded to Team Admin. The other roles if chosen as a Team Admin will stay unchanged.

Agent Roles

Admin: Can access ALL contacts, conversations and modules. He/ she can also set log-in credentials or update other users' roles.

Team Admin: Can only access all contacts and conversations (of all members) within the team, but not able to access information in other teams. Channels and Automations features are also hidden.

Staff: Can only access contacts and conversations assigned to him/ her, and other unassigned conversations. This role only has access to inbox and contacts.

Every role shall see their mentioned note and have access to specific conversations within 48 hours.

One user can be a member across different teams, but they can only be set as one role.

Adding Members into teams

You can add members into your team by pressing the white "Edit" button while hovering over the teams.

You can add members by pressing the "Add Member" button on the top right.

You can edit the group details by pressing the "Edit" button next to the "Add Member" button.

Select the teammates in the dropdown to add them to the team.

Adding members to groups

After adding your new members to your team, you can prepare and set an automation to assign the conversations coming into SleekFlow to the correct teams, please feel free to click below and see how you can set an automation to properly assign new contacts to the correct teams.

Setting Default Channels

You can set a default channel for a team to send messages through. Click "Edit" right beside the team that you want to set the default channel for.

Click "Edit", then select the default channels, so team members can only send messages from their default channels. Click "Save" to confirm the settings.