New or Updated Contacts

Update your contacts with an auto-message when they add a new status or if any of their statuses change.

An auto-message will only be triggered if all conditions are met.

Let your customers know with an auto-message when their contact data field has been added or updated. An auto-message will be triggered immediately once a customer's status is added or updated.

page11. Notify Customers with New or Updated Status

Update customers about an addition or change in reward points, addition or change of subscription plan, addition and change in tier, and much more.

page12. Update Contact Data & Add And Remove From List

Update customers about an addition or change in status from Customer to VIP, and add them to the VIP list while removing them from the customer list.

Send custom auto-messages when the status of contacts is added or changed

Under Conditions, click “Add Condition” and choose the added or updated status of the contact. Under actions, write an auto-message using the variables.

For example:

You can send a message to specific contacts who have been added or updated from lead stage to prospect:

  1. Updated lead stage to prospect or Added to prospect directly

  2. From Japan

  3. Use Line

  4. Subscribed

Conditions: “Country” > “Japan” + "Lead Stage" > "Prospect" + "Last Channel" > "Line" + "Subscriber" > "Yes"

Actions: "Add Action" > "Send Message"

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