Think ahead by scheduling an auto-message for your contacts at anytime of the day.

Schedule messages to be sent to your contacts in the near future. You can set recurring messages daily, monthly, or yearly to be sent to your contacts to keep in touch with them.

page13. Schedule Periodic Promotional Messages

Send birthday greetings on the 1st day of each month for birthday promotions

page14. Send Booking Reminders

Remind customers of their appointments a couple of days before their appointment

Schedule recurring custom auto-messages

Under Scheduled Time, choose the interval you would like your message to be sent out (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). Then choose the time your message will be sent out. Under actions, write an auto-message using the variables.

For example:

You can schedule an auto-message to send to your contacts everyday at 9am, by choosing the correct interval and time.

Scheduled Time: “Interval” > “Daily” + “At” > “9:00”

Schedule recurring custom auto-messages to specific contacts

Follow step 1. Under Conditions, click “Add Condition” and select the condition(s) that apply. This will send the auto-message to contacts that satisfy the condition(s).

For example:

You can schedule an auto-message to contacts who have not responded in 1 day, from Canada, and is a prospect by choosing the conditions that apply.

Conditions: “Last Contact from Customer” > “1” + "Country" > "Canada" + "Lead Stage" > "Prospect"

Scheduled Message: "Interval" > "Daily" + "At" > "9:00"

Actions: "Add Action" > “Send Message”

Especially helpful for booking reminders, birthday promotions, drip campaign

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