A simple Chatbot designed to qualify leads and gather information without the need of a human staff.

Qualify Leads and Gather Information

The SleekFlow chatbot allows you to create a roadmap for your customers, guiding them along the path by asking them questions and collecting their information. Each Chatbot can be easily customised by you and your team.

By using our automation features, we can help you build your own Chatbot without the need of any coding experience. In fact, it is rather simple as it uses the same 3 conditions - List, Keyword, Contact Owner.

We have created a step by step guide to show how SleekFlow uses Chatbot to qualify leads and to gather information from our clients, here are the steps:

page1. Send A Welcome Messagepage2. Learn About your Customers’ Interestpage3. Get Your Customers' Company Sizepage4. Thank Your Customer And Get in Touchpage5. Speak Directly To Staff

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