Generate payment links and collect payment in chats with just a few clicks on SleekFlow.

Payment is an add-on feature that needs to signup on Stripe.


Payment links can be generated by connecting to your e-commerce store, uploading your product catalog to SleekFlow, or simply creating the product from the chat.

You are required to integrate Shopify into SleekFlow or upload a custom product catalog.

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Via Catalog

  1. In your chat with a customer, click on the shopping bag icon to select the product.

  1. It will open up all available products in a pop-up window. Select the product needed.

  1. Enter the quantity, and click Add to Cart.

You may also click on Share Product Link to share the details of the product. This will bring the user to Shopify account to view more information.

  1. Once added, it will show up in Cart. Ensure all details are accurate, click Send Payment Link.

Apply a discount rate or a custom discount amount to the product before sending the payment Link.

  1. The customer will receive a payment link as shown in the screenshot below:

  1. Click on the payment link and the customer can make payment as shown in the screenshot below:

Manual create

  1. In your chat with the customer, click on the dollar sign in the chat box to create a payment link by filling in the details manually.

  1. It will open up a Generate Payment Link window. Fill up all the necessary details and click generate link.

Click on + Add item to include more items in your payment link.

*Maximum 10 products in a single payment link.

  1. Your link is ready!

Click on Preview Link to see payment information or you can Send Payment Link directly to your customer.

  1. Preview Link allows you to reconfirm the item details such as product name and price as well as the payment interface on how customers will see when they click on the link.

  1. Once clicks on Send Payment Link, the customer will receive a simple link as shown in the screenshot below:

Check this guide to customize Payment Link settings:

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