Delete WhatsApp account

Delete the associated WhatsApp account to register phone number in SleekFlow

WhatsApp provides an upgrade path from the WhatsApp App to the WhatsApp Business API.

It requires deleting the WhatsApp account associated with the phone number.

Upgrading your number, all incoming messages will be queued by WhatsApp servers and delivered after a successful migration.

There is NO WAY BACK.

All existing messages, groups, and chat history cannot be imported once the number has been upgraded to the WhatsApp API. Your former WhatsApp app can not be used afterward.

Upgrading from WhatsApp App

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business app on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings page. Select Account.

Step 3: Select Delete my account.

Step 4: Enter the phone number, and press "Delete My Account"

Step 5: WhatsApp will delete the associated WhatsApp account. The number will be immediately available for number registration.

Application process


Will I lose WhatsApp data?

Yes, there is no way back.

All existing messages, groups, and chat history will be deleted and cannot be transferred. While deleting the WhatsApp account on devices will cause any incoming messages to be queued by the WhatsApp servers and then subsequently delivered upon successful registration.

Can I migrate my number from another Business Solution Provider?

Yes. By using the number porting process.

Migrate from other BSPs

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