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Connecting WhatsApp

For the Pro Plan and Premium Plan users, you can connect a WhatsApp Channel to SleekFlow in 2 very different ways.
Book a consultation with our team for choosing the best WhatsApp Business connection if you are using the Free Plan.

WhatsApp - Official Business API

This is the only officially authorized way to connect WhatsApp Channel to other platforms. Our team recommended companies of all sizes to go with this way. A few key points to note:
  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Green tick badge verification
  • Require approval from WhatsApp
    • Buy a new virtual phone number
    • 2-3 weeks verification & application period
  • Pay-as-you-go charge for sending template and session messages
  • Up to 100,000 messages/day with a registered template message
To start your application, please follow the guide below:

WhatsApp - Third Party

Easy step to connect your existing numbers by scanning QR codes.
Sync existing phone numbers, contacts, and conversation history to the SleekFlow platform.
Each number requires to pay s monthly connecting charge to WhatsApp.
Just some steps to connect your existing WhatsApp, check this:

Installing Live Chat Widget

You can customise the outlook and select installed channels to be visible on the website. Copy and paste the code snippet to your website for integrating Live Chat.
Read more for the setup guide:

Connecting channels

You may connect at many channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, Line, SMS to the platform. Then you can manage all channels conversations in a single inbox view.
Check guides for connecting different channels:


You can manage, assign conversations with team members in the inbox. Staff can reply to customers promptly and avoid repetitive work by using quick replies. Collaborate with teammates by using mention and add internal note functions.
Get to know all inbox functions by this in-depth guide:


Connect Shopify store for better engagement with customers, and automate workflows on SleekFlow.
You can instantly view customers' order information in the SleekFlow inbox right sidebar without navigating back to Shopify pages.
Check this guide to know more about Shopify integration:

Inviting Users

You can invite colleagues to join as a team via a link or email for better collaboration. Set up staff role to control access right to contact and conversation.
See more on how to add to the team and to set default channels:

Default Assignment Rule

You can assign a new conversation by setting the assignment rule in the automation. Set automation rules to assign conversations to different staff.
Browse more on default assignment rules:

Managing Contact

Easy ways to edit, filter, update contacts on the platform. Creating contact lists for broadcast messages.
Check for all contact functions:

Sending Campaign

Using the campaign function to send broadcast messages to the target audience with just one click. Compose a broadcast message with personalised variables and schedule to send the campaign even you are out of office.
For full details, please check:

Setting Automation

You can set automated rules and replies to build your own chatbot, triggers auto-reply to minimise the team workload.
Start setting up your automation with the following guide:
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