9. Proactively reach out to newly added contacts from Facebook Lead Ads

Send messages to customers who have filled out forms such as Facebook Lead Ads and other forms.

Scenario - Newly Added Contacts

Create rule under Automation and select New or Updated Contacts as the Scenario for this rule.

Then select Newly Added Contacts

You can send an auto-message (greeting message) to new contacts that are automatically added into SleekFlow via Facebook Lead Ads and add them to a list for segmenting.

This automation rule require an integration with Facebook Lead Ad.


"Lead Source" is any of "Facebook Lead Ads"

"Facebook Form ID" contains exactly "1210539609292726".

Use Facebook Form ID to identify a specific form.

So you can send different messages to people who clicked on different lead ads. Please follow our instructions to find your specific Facebook Form ID.


“Send Message” Customise your message content to send to your leads. You can add more than 1 message and insert customised parameters such as the first name they filled.

Add wait time, eg. 5 minutes, to send another message/image for the conversation to be more natural.

You can also Add to List e.g Facebook Lead Ads Sent #1210539609292726 to better segment and classify who has already been reached.

If you wish to set auto-reply customers or segment them to another list when they reply.

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