Sending Template (360dialog)

Sending template message through Make integration

For 360dialog WhatApp channel ONLY.

Create Contact

First, you will have to Create a Contact in the scenario

Fill in the required fields.

Phone Number and Email are the main fields that you have to fill in.

Make an API call

To send a message through SleekFlow to the contact that you have created you will have to choose Make an API call .

Fill in the URL which is standardized so that you can copy and paste this /message/send/json

Next, you will have to enter the Query String which consists of Key and Value. You can copy and paste apikeyinto the Key field. For the Value field, you have to copy and paste the API key which you can obtain from your Channels under Connect Automation Platform where you can find Make and click on Add. The API key will be presented to you there.

In the Body field, you will have to Copy Payload of the template that you prefer to use. The template payload can be obtained from Settings under Template Manager.

Just click on Copy Payload and paste in the Body Field in your Make scenario.

In the Template Payload that you have pasted the Body field, you will have to fill in the "From and To" section. In the From section fill in your WhatsApp phone number in between the Quotation mark ("")

In the To section, just select the phone number of your recipient from the option given based on the image below.

If your template has Variables in it, you can find it under parameters as shown on the image where you can type in the preferred variable.

Finally, Run Once to test out the scenario, if both the icons turn green, that is an indication that the scenario is successful.

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