Enable Private App

Enable private app development to create app on your Shopify
You need to create a private app on Shopify to sync data and setup automation to SleekFlow.
Before that, you need to enable private app development on your Shopify. If you have enabled app development before, you can create a private app followed by this guide:

Enable private app development

1. Login to Shopify

Login as an admin, and go to Shopify Admin Page. Go to Apps from the left navigation bar.

2. Enable private app development

Click the "Manage private apps" button at the bottom.
If this is your first Private App creation, press the "Enable private app development" button.

3. Grant all accesses

Tick all the boxes below then click "Enable private app development".
You have successfully enabled private app development on your Shopify. You may create a Shopify private app.