Plan and Subscription
Review your subscription plan, purchase add-ons or check invoices
The Plan and Subscription page shows your subscription plan summary, lists current account usage, manages payment methods and checks invoices.


Under Plan, you can check your current plan's details and the next payment due date.
You can choose between the monthly and annual billing options on the left. Click "Select" to upgrade to an advanced plan.
You will be asked to confirm the change of plan. Click the "Confirm" button to change the plan or the "Cancel" button to stay on your current plan.
Upon changing to a new subscription plan, SleekFlow will cancel your current plan and charge you for your new plan on a pro-rata basis.
Additional charges such as add-ons and agent charges may apply.


You may purchase additional staff login, WhatsApp (Third-party), and contacts to increase the plan limits.‌
There are three add-ons you can purchase:
  • Additional Staff Login: US$19/month(Pro plan) or US$39/month for each additional staff
For example, Pro plan subscribers can have four staffs logins after purchased one additional staff login.
  • Additional WhatsApp (Third-party): US$29/month
‌You may purchase additional WhatsApp (Third-party) connection slots.
  • Additional Contacts:US$49/month for additional 2000 contacts
For example, if you have exceeded the Premium plan 10000 contact limits, you can buy this add-on to have 2000 contacts.

Campaign & Automated Messages

Check the number of broadcast messages sent in this billing cycle.
If you have exceeded the broadcast message limit, please contact our Customer Success Team for further assistance.

Customer Contacts

View your number of saved contacts to Sleekflow. You may purchase additional customer contacts in the add-ons.

Payment Information

Check the next payment due date here.
You can edit/change the card information for your next payment.
Click on "Manage payment methods", you will be direct to edit the card information page, fill in new card information and "Save card".


The system will send an invoice at the end of every month or when a new payment is billed.
To view the invoice, click on the date of the invoice, and it will be downloaded.
You may click on "Cancel Subscription & Add On" to end the subscription.
Your plan will end on the current plan payment due date, and you will no longer be charged for your subscription.
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