Plans & Billings

Review your subscription plan, pricing, purchase add-ons, account usage or check invoices

The Payments & Subscriptions page shows your Subscriptions, Add-ons, Account Data and Billing.


Under Subscriptions, you can check your current plan expiration date and other plans details.

You can choose between the monthly and annual billing options on the left. Click Switch to annual for annual billing which can instantly save up to 20% of the subscription fee.

On the right, it lists out Pro and Premium plan details. You will be directed to payment page once click on Select.

Upon changing to a new subscription plan, SleekFlow will cancel your current plan and charge you for your new plan on a pro-rata basis.

Additional charges such as add-ons and agent charges may apply.


These are additional Add-ons you can purchase on top of your subscription plan. Each Add-on caters to different specific needs.

Some common Add-ons:

  • Additional Staff Login: US$19/month(Pro plan) or US$39/month for each additional staff

For example, Pro plan subscribers can have four staffs logins after purchasing one additional staff login.

  • Additional Contacts:US$49/month for additional 2000 contacts

For example, if you are approaching or have exceeded the Premium plan 10000 contact limits, you can purchase this add-on to have additional 2000 contacts.

Account Data

Account data will show the usage of Campaign & Automated Messages and Customer Contacts.

When the limit is approaching, you may consider purchasing Add-Ons so that no customer is being left out and ensure smooth sending of broadcast messages.


Manage payment information and Invoice here.

Click on Manage payment methods, you will be directed to update the card information page, fill in new card information and "Save card".

The system will issue invoices following the subscription start date.

I.e. If your subscription starts on 12th May, the invoice will be sent out every 12th of the month.

Cancel Subscription & add-on

You may request to cancel Subscription & add-on before the original plan end date, you may reach out to our Customer Success team for more assistance.

Termination and customer data arrangement:

Upon termination of the subscription, system will permanently delete all account's data after 120days.

Any idle account without login for 30days, system will delete all account information (chat history and contacts) 90days later.

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