Using the Platform

Learn how to fully utilise all the features on SleekFlow

Congratulations on successfully creating your account on SleekFlow! You're one step ahead now in crafting the perfect customer experience with chats and instant messaging!

SleekFlow has a navigation menu on top of your screen that shows the different modules on the platform.

Watch our series of SleekFlow Tutorials to get started:

Or simply get started with the basic functions of the inbox!

Get familiar with all the functions of our powerful team inbox and accelerate multi-channel team workflow. Learn how to utilise business features such as conversation status, internal notes, assigning tasks, tags, quick replies and many more.

Get familiar with your all-in-one social contact management pages. Utilise functions such as list, imports, exports, editing custom columns, segmentation and many more.

Run powerful campaign across all channels with customised parameters. Learn about the basics of broadcasting to help you convert thousands of customers in a personalised manner.

Set automation rules to better route task to your teammates and send automated messages. Triggers can be based on a number of factors. Skip the manual work and engage customers at scale.

This is the very first step that you need to take after opening an account. Set up your messaging channels by reading our dedicated guides for all available integrations.

Get familiar with all the settings for SleekFlow Platform and invite your team members to get onboard.