Edit Contact Information

Overview and edit your customer information.

Clicking on a contact's name on the Contacts tab allows you to have a more in-depth look at each contact.

Available Channels

When a contact is added onto the platform, you can see the available contact channels on the channels field.

Click on the "Message" button, then you can choose the preferred channel and immediately start a conversation with the contact.

Edit Contact

Update and edit the contact's information by clicking "Action" > "Edit".

An "Edit Contact" window will appear on the right, and you can make changes instantly.

Once the changes are made, click the "Update Contact" button on the bottom to save the changes.

Add to List

Add the contact to a list instantly by clicking "Action" > "Add to List".

Choose to add the contact to a created list, click "Add" to confirm

Besides adding a contact to the list, you can also check the lists that the contact is currently in through the "Lists" section on the right side.

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