Add Labels to Contacts

Labeling conversations are simple and they will play an important role in your workflow, letting you group and segment your customers.

It is good to use labels for highlighting important and loyal customers to avoid leaving them out of broadcasting campaigns.


Create a new label by typing into the input box of the label module on the right of the screen.

Go to the "Labels" section on the right of the screen and press "Add Labels" to create a new one to contact


You can find and add labels to contacts by searching for the labels in the "Labels" section and selecting the relevant labels.

You can also add labels to the contacts when you import contacts to the platform.

Type in label names in the Label column on your excel file. Then the labels will be added when importing to the platform.

Use ";" to separate labels if you need to add more than one label.

pageImport Contacts


Edit a label by clicking "Manage" in the Labels section. Then you can remove a label by clicking the "-" button, or you can edit the text in the label by double-clicking it.

Labels are useful for helping you identify and sort information. You can check the below link for more details.

pageInbox Labels

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