Contact Activity

Easy to track the customer activity and follow up.

Activity Log

All contact activities, including the automation logs, system logs, will be listed out.

Log key activities relating to each contact individually to better track the contact's journey and interactions with you.

Activity Log is divided into three types: User, System, All.

User Log

Users activities to this contact will be logged in the "User" tab.

For example, you can track the add and remove labels log by users of this contact.

Manual Log

You can type the log into the input box and click "Log" to log the activity manually.

System Log

All system activities are recorded in the "System" tab, including the automation logs triggered for this contact.

Automations triggered for the specific contact will be automatically logged in the Contact Activity Section.

For more details on setting Automations, feel free to have a look at this guide:


All Log

Overview all the users and system activities in the "All" tab.


View all the media files sent and received between the customer and you.

Select the specific media files and download them in an-one-go.

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