Contacts (Mobile App)

View and edit contact information on mobile.

Search Contacts

Click Contacts the middle tab at the bottom. Then you can tap the "Magnifier" icon on the top right corner and search contact.

Enter the name, phone number of the contact to search for a specific customer.

Add Contacts

Add a new contact by pressing the "+" icon on the right-hand corner.

Then you can fill in the information and create a new contact.

"Save" then you can message contact instantly.

Edit Contacts

Select a contact directly in either the Inbox or Contact Interface, click "Edit".

Change information and "Save" to confirm the changes.

Check Customer Activity Log

Click on contact and check profile or activity log.


View all the media files sent and received between the customer and you.

Long press the media file to select the specific media files, then you can download them in an-one-go.

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