Update Lists

Add or remove contacts to the list automatically by automation

Update with Automation

You can set an automation rule to add and remove contacts from a list.

For example, if the contacts have VIP labels, then they will be added to the VIP list.

Ensure the VIP customers have the "VIP" labels.

pageAdd Labels to Contacts

Go to Automation on SleekFlow, Click on Create Rule Button choose "Update Contact and Add and Remove from List".

Set the conditions for the automation rule, below is an example:

Condition: "Labels" "contains any of" "VIP".

Contacts with the "VIP" label will be added to the list automatically.

Set the action to send a message to customers and add them to the VIP list automatically.

Publish the rule, and the automation will run, contacts with "VIP" labels will be added to the list.

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