Filter Contacts

Apply multiple filters on your customised data fields.

With SleekFlow, you can filter through your contacts using the column fields that you have set up.

Add filters to sieve through your contacts quickly and efficiently. You can filter your contacts by contact information to get a closer look at your contacts. Click on the "Add Filter" button on the left of the screen to reveal the filters.

Filter by Contact Owner

Filtering contacts by contact owners to see how many contacts the staff are managing.

Choose and tick the contact owners, contacts will be automatically filtered.

Filter by Labels

Select the label(s) you want to use to filter your contacts, and the contacts will filter according to the label(s) selected.

You can filter by "contains any of" OR "contains all of" selected label(s).

Filter by Lists

Apart from filtering your contacts by contact owner and label, you can also filter through your contacts by lists. Click on "Lists", select the list you want to filter by using the dropdown menu.

You can filter by "contains any of" OR "contains all of" selected list(s).

Filter by Conditions

Besides basic filtering, you can apply more conditions by clicking "More Filters" to filter contacts accurately.

Select the filter you want to use in the "More filter" button.

In this case, the filter "Company Name" is selected.

Choose the condition you want to use the filter with for a more precise search, type the details into the input box and click "Add". Once you are done adding conditions, click on the "Apply Filter" button at the bottom.

The contacts will be sorted according to the filters and conditions.

You can also search for a contact directly through the search function:

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