Update Contacts

Update contact's latest information to SleekFlow

Updating List's contact

You can update your existing list's contact by following the same steps as importing new contacts.

Your existing contacts will be identified using their Phone number and Email. Thus, new contact information will match and update accordingly.

Alternatively, update existing contacts by:

  1. Export a contact list from the "Lists" page by hovering over the list and clicking the "Export" button.

2. Editing and update contact information in the file

Ensure the cell contents in the "ContactId" column are not changed, as your existing contacts will be identified and updated according to their Contact ID.

If you want to change some of the existing contact's information only, remove the column from the excel file before saving it as a CSV file and import.

3. Uploading the edited CSV file onto SleekFlow to Import.

Ensure the contacts have subscribed to your mailing list or had prior contacts with your companies, to avoid getting blocked due to spammy messages.

Update Contacts

Bulk update contacts in one go, using the bulk edit function.

Select multiple contacts or even all contacts with the tick box on the Contact page, and click "Update".

Select a specific contact field to update.

For example, you can choose to edit Priority to High. Click "Update" to save.

Now all the contacts are updated in one go.

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