Bookmark & Unread

You can bookmark the conversations to help you manage and sort out your contacts better, so you will never miss a message.


Bookmark a conversation so that you will not miss the important contacts' conversations.

Click the arrow button next to the conversation, you can choose "Bookmark" a conversation.

The conversation will be locked at the top of your conversation List with a grey bookmark indicator on the right.

To remove the bookmark, press the user options, and choose "Remove Bookmark". The conversation will not be shown on the top of the conversation module and will be listed according to the time of the last message sent or received.

An individual user sets a bookmark.

If you remove the bookmark of your conversations, the conversation may still be bookmarked by other collaborators.

For example:

Staff A and Staff B are in conversation Y, and both have bookmarked the conversation.

Staff B will still bookmark the conversation if Staff A removes the bookmark.

Mark as Unread

By pressing the "Mark as Unread" button, you can change the read conversations to unread to follow up later.

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