Live Chat Analytics

Easily collect visitors' online status and browsing data.

Integrate a widget on your website to start conversations with visitors. You can easily collect visitors' data and log them in on their contact profiles.

pageSetting up Live Chat

Website Analytics

When a visitor initiates a conversation, you can view the visitor's website analytics in the contact information Section.


The system will collect the visitor's basic information and log them on their profile.

General information

You can reach out instantly when the visitor is Online.



Address of the website


Visitor's current location

Browser Language

Preferred language


Visitor's online status

Current page

Current / Last visited page

Visited pages and duration

The system will also log the visitor's browsing date, total browsing time, and total visited pages.

You can check the paths and duration of each previously visited page so that you can get to know more about what the visitor is looking.


View the brief information of the visitor by location, current time, and total viewed pages.

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