Add Internal Notes & Mention

Make an internal discussion before replying to your customers.

Add Internal Notes

When replying conversation, you can toggle between "Reply" and "Note" in the input box at the bottom of the message console. Click on "Note" then you can mark internal notes.

Internal notes will be shown in orange text bubbles and will not receive by your customers.

Send as a message

Press the "Send as a message" button then you can send the internal note as a message to the customer directly.


You can choose to forward the note message as a message to another conversation.


Besides writing a note-to-self, you can tag teammates by typing @ to mention them in the conversations for better discussion with your teammates.

Mentioned teammates will be able to see and reply to the conversations within 48 hours.

You can check the mentioned conversations by accessing the "@Mention" dropdown from the Staff View Selector.

You can also add the mentioned teammate as a collaborator if you want to manage the conversation with them simultaneously.

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