Manage the conversations by different statuses.

Conversations Statuses

You can also see whether the conversations are "Open", "Snoozed" or "Closed" from the Chat module.


A new message receives from the contact will be in "Open" status. Or the conversation is ongoing and you expect a reply from the customer soon.


You can set a specific date and time for a conversation to re-open and remind yourself:

The snoozed conversation will move from "Open" to "Snoozed" in the Conversation Module

When the snoozed conversation has reached their chosen Time and Date, it will appear as an unread message for you to follow up.

The snooze notification will also be shown on the mobile app as a reminder.

Status Filter

You can also filter the status of the conversations on the left of the Conversation Module.

Status Rules

Sync History mechanism

When you connect channels to the platform, the conversations that were last contacted within 2 weeks will be in "Open" status, while the other conversations will be in "Closed" status. For connecting to WhatsApp (Third Party), conversations will follow the below mechanism.

Campaign messages

When you send broadcast messages to the contacts that you have not had any conversation before on SleekFlow, their conversation status will be defaulted to "Closed".

Re-open conversation

When a customer replies to a "Closed" conversation, the status will automatically be changed to "Open".

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