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What you'll need before you begin to set up Shopify with SleekFlow:

1. Log into your Wix account

Log into your Wix personal account set up for the company website using the requisite email and password. You can find the link for the login page here.

Type in your email and password

2. Select the website you wish to add the website messenger to

Out of the displayed websites, click "Select & Edit Site" on the website you wish to integrate SeekFlow with.

Click on your website

3. Navigate to "Tracking & Analytics"

Click "Settings" on the left column of the dashboard.


Click "Tracking & Analytics" on the left column of the dashboard.

Tracking & Analytics

4. Paste the tracking code

Click on "New Tool" and select "Custom".

At this point you should head to the SleekFlow App. Please find your unique tracking code here.

Example of tracking code

Paste the code in the box and select "Body - end". Click "Apply" when done. We advise to name the code to "SleekFlow Messenger" for better identification.

Make sure the toggle in "Enabled".

Please publish and check your wix website! The widget should appear there!

Done! The website messenger is now live on your wix website!

Customising your website messenger

If you've now customised your website messenger, please read our guide below to make the messenger works for you!