Salesforce CRM Campaign Sync

View Salesforce campaign details on SleekFlow

The Salesforce Campaign and the SleekFlow Campaign broadcast feature are separate and unrelated.

Press Contacts > SaleForce > Campaign

Campaigns Lists

Users can view all of the:

  • Campaigns created on Salesforce

  • General information

  • The number of leads participating in the campaign

Campaign Leads

Users can view:

  • All information related to the campaign and open a view with all the leads

  • All of the campaigns the lead has ever joined by clicking on the leads

Inbox display

The Salesforce campaign information can be viewed in the Inbox, allowing users to understand the Campaigns the contact ever participated in easily.

1.Go to Contacts > SaleForce > Campaign

Click to view the details of one of the campaigns.

For example: Helelo

2.Click View leads

3.Browse the contact's information

Click into one of the contacts on the lead and press Message

4. Contact's details

Salesforce Leads and Campaign details can be checked on the right contact's detail panel.

Campaign Helelo displayed, which means this contact participated in the mentioned campaign.

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