Connect Shopline and automate workflows on SleekFlow. Easy automations for busy people. Based on triggers on Shopline, you can create or update contacts to send messages on SleekFlow.
Only Shopline Enterprise Plan can have access to Shopline API.
You can integrate Shopline on SleekFlow directly. Go to Channels and under Add Integrations, you can see the Shopline icon.
After clicking Shopline, there will be a popup. You will need to fill in the Shop Name and API Token obtained in Shopline from the instructions above. Then click Install and everything will be set!

How to retrieve Shopline API Token?

If you would like to use OpenAPI, please apply for the permission from your correspondent SHOPLINE contact to enable API Auth in Staff Settings.

1. Create a new shop manager to use OpenAPI

Login to Shopline Admin Page, then go Staff Settings under Settings. Click "Add".
Fill in an email address and click "Add" to continue.

2. Give API access to newly created manager

Click "Edit" button beside the newly created manager.
Select "API Auth" tab. Pick the API items that will need access right.
It is advised to set an expiry time for the OpenAPI, if you are planning to give access to partner companies. If your API is for internal use, you can ignore this function. By ignoring this function, your OpenAPI will never expire.

3. Retrieve the Token

Click "Generate", a unique token will appear at the bottom. Copy the token and paste it back onto SleekFlow. You have successfully integrated Shopline to SleekFlow!

Created Columns on SleekFlow Automatically

After you have integrated Shopline on SleekFlow, we will create columns automatically to match the data value retrieved from Shopline. Listed below: Order Number
Ordered Items
Ordered Amount
Order Updated Date
Ordered Date
Order Status URL
Fulfillment Status
Order Status
Financial Status
Customer Name
Order Remarks

Automate Messages by creating Automation on SleekFlow

After you successfully added contacts automatically to SleekFlow. You can always set automation rules on SleekFlow by referring to our guidelines.
SleekFlow uses email or phone number to map to the existing contact. For example, if the phone number on Shopline is the same as an existing number on SleekFlow, the contact will not duplicate but instead will be updated automatically.
For most automation sets with integrations, we recommend you to create a New or Updated Contacts scenario automation. Once the contact is synced onto SleekFlow, you can set automation to immediately send updates and information.

1. Order Confirmation

Let's take sending a confirmation message as an example, "Once the order is paid, the automation will trigger."
Name the automation rule and set the conditions.
Add the customers who have paid the order to a list and send a confirmation message to them.
The customer will receive the confirmation message shown as below.

2. Order Delivery

Let's take sending delivery messages as an example, "Once the order is delivered, the automation will trigger."
Name the automation rule and set the conditions.
Add the customers whose orders have been delivered to a list and send a delivery message to them.
The customer will receive the delivery message shown as below.
If you want to know more about what actions can be automated on SleekFlow, please refer to the link below and see what combinations you can create!
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