Connect to SMS via Twilio and broadcast updates and promotional campaigns to your audiences.

With SleekFlow, you can start integrating your Twilio SMS workflow with all other communication channels in seconds.

Setting up a Twilio Account

To connect WhatsApp Business via Twilio to SleekFlow, you will need the following:

Please verify your account with Email and Phone Number for security purposes.

Activate your sandbox account by clicking ."Agree"

Getting a Phone Number

After you have created an account with Twilio you gain access to their console/ dashboard. All new accounts are created with $15 of free credit that you can use to buy phone numbers and test the platform.

Navigate to Get Started - Programmable SMS and click "Get a number".

Twilio will recommend a number for you based on your location.

If you do not have a preference, you can click on the red "Choose this Number" button. However, if you would like to purchase a number from a different country or you would like a different number from the one recommended, you can click on "Search for a different number".

You can select any numbers from any country available on Twilio.

However, SMS capability is necessary to integrate with SleekFlow for SMS. Please note that Twilio also offers numbers without SMS functionality. If you plan to only use it for WhatsApp, feel free to choose a voice-only number.

Please note that it is necessary for some places/countries, e.g. Hong Kong, to comply with the regulatory requirements. You will have to provide a regulatory bundle and address requirements.

You need to follow the instructions to submit Business Registration Supporting Document.

Don't forget to add your credit card information to your Twilio Account before you make the SMS Channel public. The charge for each message will depend on your country.

Connect to SleekFlow

Click the "Connect" button next to "SMS" on the Channels page.

Fill in the Channel Name, Phone Number, Account SID, and Auth Token information.

Channel Name

Please enter "Channel Name" for this specific SMS Integration. For example, you could name it "APAC Marketing" or "NY Support Team".

Account SID and Auth Token

Head back to the Twilio console dashboard. Copy the "Account SID" to paste in the form above.

Click "view" to reveal the "Auth Token" and paste it in the form above.

Phone Number

Once you have entered Account SID and Auth Token to the form, please also enter the phone number you applied, together with the country code.

Webhook URL

You have to set the Twilio Webhook configuration for the selected Phone Number.

Go to Manage Numbers. Click the number that you want to use for SMS.

Under "Configure", go all the way down to Messaging.

Change the webhook under "A Message comes in" to the Webhook to the link below.

By default, SleekFlow will add the correct webhook to your phone number configuration when it is connected for the first time; however, if you have previously installed other tools to that number, this might cause the wrong webhook to be stored on that field, preventing messages from being passed to Sleekflow.

Congratulations! All future SMS messages sent to the phone number will appear on the SleekFlow Platform. You can also use the campaign feature to broadcast SMS to your contacts!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have followed the instructions and added the account to SleekFlow. Why is my SMS not sending?

You will have to upgrade to a paid account to send messages to all other recipients.

To test the function first, you can add your own number to the verified caller ID. After that, please upgrade (from the top right corner) and top up with some credits to start sending.

2. What is the pricing for Twilio SMS? Do I have to pay separately on both SleekFlow and Twilio?

Twilio charges SMS on a pay-as-you-go basis. Each country has different pricing for an inbound and outbound message. For more information, please check:

The bill has to be separate from your SleekFlow account. If you wish to enjoy a better rate, please talk to us as we could offer a bulk pricing option as a certified Twilio Partner.

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