Whatsapp (Third Party)

WhatsApp is the No.1 messaging app 1.6 billion active users in over 180 countries as of Sept 2019.

This WhatsApp Integration is accomplished by ChatAPI, a third party WhatsApp API Provider. However, it provides a quick and easy way for small companies to use for marketing and customer support/

Twilio WhatsApp, in contrast, is more suitable for larger enterprises using WhatsApp Official API for chatbots, supports and sending updates. We have a detailed guide here below for such integration:

If you need help on choosing the right WhatsApp Business provider between Twilio and ChatAPI, please check our blog here: https://sleekflow.io/blog/whatsapp-business-chatapi-and-twilio/

Connecting to Your WhatsApp Account

In order to connect WhatsApp (with ChatAPI) to SleekFlow, you will need the following:

For this WhatsApp Integration to work properly, please note that:

  1. The phone with WhatsApp installed should always be connected to Wi-Fi and charged

  2. Do NOT use WhatsApp Desktop/ Web simultaneously

  3. Have WhatsApp App running in the background of the phone to ensure stable connectivity

1. Log out all other WhatsApp Web Session on your phone

Go to Settings -> WhatsApp Web/ Desktop on the WhatsApp App of your phone.

Please click "Log out from all devices" in WhatsApp Web/ Desktop before you scan QR code. Please note that you will NOT be able to use WhatsApp Web/ Desktop after connecting to SleekFlow.

2. Adding WhatsApp Channel to SleekFlow

Go to SleekFlow Platform - Channel. Click the WhatsApp icon under "Add Channels".

Select "Third-Party: Scan QR Code to Connect"

3. Scan QR Code to connect

A QR code will be generated for you to connect to WhatsApp. This process could take up to 1 minute.

Scan the QR code with your WhatsApp App.

After your phone vibrates and it signals a successful scan, please click "I have already scanned the QR code" to proceed.

4. Name your WhatsApp Channel

Please enter "Channel Name" for this specific WhatsApp Integration.

This is necessary for your team to recognize this WhatsApp Channel. For example, you could name it "Sales Team", "Customer Service" or "Operations Team".

Check the box and click "Done" when you have completed.

It could take up to 60 minutes for the integration to process. After that, the channel will be shown as "Connected" and you can now try to send and receive messages.

If the status is shown as "Disconnected" or "Connecting" after scanning the QR code for more than 60 minutes, please refer to our troubleshooting guide below.

Synchronising Contacts and Conversation History

If you wish to request chat history and contacts in your existing phone with WhatsApp Installed, hover to the 3 dots of your "Connected" WhatsApp Channel, and click "Sync History".

Please note that, during the time of synchronising chat history, your WhatsApp may become unusable. Messages will not be able to be sent and received properly on SleekFlow, but you can still use your WhatsApp App.

We advise you to sync history at night when your team is not actively using WhatsApp.

Please patiently wait for ~6-9 hours until all conversations have been synced to the platform.

A success banner will show at the bottom to confirm. You should see that the status has been updated:

If you see that the status is shown as "Sync Failed". Please repress the "Sync History" button again.

Please note that after syncing, conversations will follow the below mechanism:

Please make sure your phone is connected to the internet and your current status is shown as "Connected" before syncing history.

Add a Second WhatsApp Number

You'll have to pay 29 USD/ month for each additional number to integrate with WhatsApp Business.

Please note that this subscription fee will be charged immediately.

You should now be able to scan and connect your second channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to send or receive messages after connected to SleekFlow.

Please check our troubleshooting guide below for more details:

Is there a limit of how many WhatsApp Messages I can send?

There is a limit of 6,000 messages/ day/ number. When you send this messages via campaign, there is a 5-10 seconds interval between each messages sent with Campaign.

Will my WhatsApp Account potentially get blocked?

Yes. Your WhatsApp accounts could get blocked by WhatsApp if a lot of users reported your account after receiving your WhatsApp campaign messages. We advise not to send promotional messages to new customers, or only start with a short personalized greeting.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Do not send more than 500 campaign messages in a single campaign/ at a single time.

  2. Make sure they have subscribed to your mailing list or had prior contacts with your companies.

  3. Do not purchase contacts from third parties and send promotional messages.

  4. Try to craft a more personalized messages to your targets.

You can also apply for WhatsApp Official Business API to minimize the chance of getting blocked, as you will have to "pre-register" your template message before broadcasting to your customers.