Create Lists

Segment your contacts into lists to better classify and target your contacts.

Create a List

Create your segmented contact list by selecting "Lists" from the dropdown under "Contacts".

Click on the "Create List" button under your name on the top right-hand corner of the screen to add a new list.

Name the list and click on the "Create" button to create the list.

The list has been created.

Add contacts to list

Navigate to the Contacts and select the contacts that you want to add to a list. Click the "Add to List" button on top of the contact table.

You can also filter contacts to add specific groups of customers to the list.

pageFilter Contacts

Besides adding contacts to the list manually, you can update the list by automation.

pageUpdate Listspage12. Update Contact Data & Add And Remove From List

Create Campaign

You can select multiple lists to create a campaign.

Go to the "Lists", select the lists for campaign, then click on the "Create Campaign' button.

You will be directed to the create campaign page to continue to fill in the campaign details.


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