Importing & Updating Contacts

Add all your contacts records in one go. No manual mapping necessary.
Learn how to Import Contants to SleekFlow

Importing New Contacts

To import your existing contact information into SleekFlow, start by clicking on the "Contacts" tab on the menu bar and selecting "Lists" in the dropdown.

Then, click on the white "Import" button on top right-hand corner of the list table.

Lists Page

You will then be led to the import page. Click on the "Download" button to download a .CSV template for you to organise your contact information with and then click on the blue "Next" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Import Page

The downloaded .CSV file is personalised and will already be populated with the labels and columns that you have previously created in the "Contacts" tab

1. Preparing Your File

Reading the Index

The index shows the allowed inputs for each of the labels.

Despite seeing all the columns available on the .CSV file, you can delete any unwanted channels and index below. For example, you can leave only FirstName and PhoneNumber columns for successful imports.

Our platform can also support the uploading of xlsx. file formats

You can also simply import PhoneNumber with a CSV file. However, the name will appear as "Anonymous" until the contact replies.

The index can be found at the bottom of the downloaded .CSV example file

If you see phone number shown use e.g. "8.5265E+10", please right click, "Format", and change the data cell to "numbers" with zero decimal place.

For example:

Contact owner can be: Peter Leung;Henson Tsai;Paul Lo;Nick;Crystal

This means that under the column "ContactOwner", only "Peter Leung", "Henson Tsai", "Paul Lo", "Nick", and "Crystal" are allowed.

The content under the index must be typed as is.

This means that "Henson Tsai" will be recognised, but " Henson Tsai", "HensonTsai" and "Henson Tsai " will not be recognised.

Please check your Excel file's text and remove all Line Breaks, or else it would not import properly: (All information should be in one line, not separated into multiple lines) For Example: Ronald Yu is here Should be changed to: Ronald Yu is here

The file type has to be a .CSV or a .xlsx file for the import to process successfully. Please do not change it to another file type.

Before importing the information back onto SleekFlow, you would need to save the file as CSV UTF-8 (Comma-delimited) to format the text.

Import File Format

Drag and drop or choose your .CSV /.xlsx file into the grey box to upload your contacts and click on the blue "Next" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Check if the columns from your file matches your columns in SleekFlow. Then, select "Overwrite"/ "Add new only" for the column field. After the selection, please scroll down and click the blue "Next" button on the bottom right-hand corner.

Overwrite: The current value will be updated based on imported values. If the imported value is empty, it will overwrite existing available values. Add new only: Imported values will only be added if the current value is empty.

Give your list a name and also tick below to ensure that you are allowed to contact your imported contacts before clicking the "Next" button, and start the importing process.

Name your list and ensure compliance

Then you're done! The imported list will show up on the "Lists" page. Now you can create campaign from the list directly!

List import completed

2. Updating Existing Contacts

You can update your existing contacts by following the same steps used to import new contacts. Your existing contacts will be identified using their phone number and email. Thus, new contact information will be matched and updated accordingly.

Alternatively, update existing contacts by:

  1. Exporting a contact list from the "Lists" page by hovering over the list and clicking the "Export" button.

Export the list from the "Lists" page

2. Editing and update contact information

Update contact information

Ensure that the cell contents in the "ContactId" column are not changed as your existing contacts will be identified and updated according to their Contact ID.

If you would only want to change some of the existing contact's information, please remove the column from the excel file before saving it as a CSV and Import.

3. Uploading the .CSV file onto SleekFlow to import.

Import into SleekFlow

Make sure the contacts that you are importing have subscribed to your mailing list or had prior contacts with your companies, to avoid getting blocked due to spammy messages.