Import Contacts

Add all your contacts in one go.

Importing New Contacts


Go to Contact > Create, fill in the contact's details and click the "Create" button at the bottom to create a new contact.

Bulk Import

To import your contact information in bulk, go to Contacts > Import.

You will then direct to the Import page.

Step 1:

Click on the "Download" button to download Excel or .CSV template file for you to organise your contact information. Then click on the blue "Next" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

It is recommended to download Excel file for easier usage.

Preparing Your File

The sample file is personalised and populated with the labels and columns you have previously created in the "Contacts" tab.

See more details on how to edit and organise columns in SleekFlow platform here.

For columns that you hide on SleekFlow platform, it will still show in the template file that you downloaded.

The index in the sample file indicates the allowed inputs for each of the labels. You can remove the index in your import. In a .xlsx file, index is placed in separate sheet.

Input the necessary information to the file. You can delete any unwanted channels and index below despite seeing all the columns available on the file.

For example, you can leave FirstName and PhoneNumber columns for successful imports.

Phone number must include area code 852(for HK), e.g. 8522345678

If you see the phone number shown, use e.g. "8.5265E+10", please right click "Format" and change the data cell to "numbers" with zero decimal place.

The content under each column must be typed exactly the same as the index.

For example:

Contact owner can be: Peter Leung; Henson Tsai; Paul Lo; Nick; Crystal; Peter

It means that under the column "ContactOwner", only "Peter Leung", "Henson Tsai", "Paul Lo", "Nick", and "Crystal" are allowed.

Please check your file's text and remove all Line Breaks, or else it will not import correctly.

All information should be in one line, not separated into multiple lines. For Example: Ronald Yu is here Should be changed to: Ronald Yu is here

Step 2:

Ensure that you have Country Code included for all the phone numbers you update in the file.

Omit the "+" sign. Start with the number code directly.

E.g. 852 for HK, 65 for SG and 60 for MY etc.

Step 3:

Once the file is ready to be imported, drag and drop it to destination as shown below.

The file type must be a .CSV or a .xlsx file for the import to process successfully.

If the file contains an existing contact but with updated information such as company name, system will overwrite the existing value with the latest data.

Some fields will not be overwritten such as LastChannel. It will remain as per system value.

Step 4:

System will now match each column header of the file to the column on SleekFlow platform. If column does not exist on SleekFlow, please create a new column in the contacts tab prior to uploading the file.

On the last column of this page (Action), you can choose "Update blank only," "Overwrite," or "Add to existing" action for each field to determine the action you want to do.

Update blank only: Imported values will only be added if the current value is empty. Add to existing:

Imported Values will be added along with the existing value.

Overwrite: Current value will be updated based on imported values. If the imported value is empty, it will overwrite existing available values.

Add to existing

Step 5:

Name the list you are about to upload to SleekFlow.

Uncheck the second box for faster processing and uploading.

Once done, you will see a green bar on top showing the list has been imported successfully. The imported list will show up on "Lists" page.

Updated contacts will also show in "Contacts" page.

Now you can create a campaign from the list directly.


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