Manage Conversations

View conversations under different perspectives.

Manage Your Conversations

View conversations according to different conditions. Click on the dropdown on the top left, and you will see the following tab.

Assigned to me

You can see all your open conversations assigned to you in this tab.

If you are the owner when the SleekFlow account is created, all new conversations are in "Assigned to Me" by default.

You will receive notifications when there are incoming messages. You can also set assignment rules to set the assignee by automation.

pageDefault Assignment RulepageAutomation


You can see the conversations that you are mentioned by your teammates. You will receive a notification when your teammates mention you in a chat.

You have access to the mentioned conversations for only 48 hours. After the time limit, you cannot view the mentioned conversations again.

Unassigned (Teams)

This tab shows all conversations unassigned to your teams. Everyone in the team will receive a mobile app notification when there is a new message.

After the customer replies to the message sent by the last teammate, the conversation will automatically assign to that person. Those conversations will not show in Unassigned (Teams) anymore.

The Unassigned (Teams) section is only limited to the Premium plan users or above who has access to the Team feature.


When a new conversation comes from a new customer, you can set it to go unassigned. Everyone at this tab can see conversations unassigned. All the staff will receive a mobile app notification when there is a new unassigned message.

The conversation will be assigned to the person that first replies to the message.

You can set new conversations to Unassigned by following this guide.


You can see all conversations you are allowed to see here, accessed by Admin and Team Admin only.

As an Admin, you can also monitor other conversations by searching the contact's name in the search bar on top of the chat module. As a Staff, you can only read conversations that are assigned to you or unassigned.

Check below to learn more about the different roles in SleekFlow.


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