Sending Template Messages (360Dialog)

Sending 360Dialog template messages using Zapier Integration

Please make sure you have selected an app to be the Trigger at step 1.

  1. In the Action step, select SleekFlow as the app. Choose Send Message and click Continue.

  1. Select SleekFlow account and Continue.

  1. Put in Message Type as "template". Channel is "whatsapp360dialog". Please note there should not be any spacing in the word.

  1. Insert From and To field. Leave blank with the rest of the fields in this screenshot.

From: You can directly enter your connected WhatsApp API phone number with country code. E.g. 85239053590

To: Hover your mouse to the field and Insert Data. Choose the matching field or type in recipient's phone number with country code

  1. Paste Zapier Payload into the last field ExtendedMessageJson. Click Continue.

You may refer to the below link to learn how to retrieve the payload.

Retrieve Zapier payload (360Dialog)

You are required to convert non-English text to Unicode and put it into the relevant parameter

Convert non-English text to Unicode (360dialog)
  1. Click on Test Action. It should return with valid status. Click Publish Zap.

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