Convert non-English text to Unicode (360dialog)

Use Unicode to send non-English text via Zapier

To comply with Zapier's limitation, if you need to send messages with non-English characters, you will have to convert those characters to Unicode.

Unicode converter

Use a free tool to convert non-English text into Unicode.

Steps to convert

  1. Select Unicode

  1. Input the non-English you would like to include in the template to the box on the left

  2. Click on Encode to obtain the Unicode representation of the text you enter in the box on the right. Then, click on Copy Result to save the Unicode.

  1. Follow the guide below to retrieve the Zapier payload.

Retrieve Zapier payload (360Dialog)
  1. Paste the payload into the ExtendedMessageJson field in your Zapier settings.

  1. Paste the Unicode text generated in step 3 and put it into the relevant parameter.

  1. Click on Test Action. It should return a valid status. Then, click Publish Zap.

  2. Once the action is triggered, you should be able to receive template messages in non-English characters.

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