Mobile App

You'll understand the basic interface of the of the Mobile App here

In this section, we are going to guide you through the basic functions of our mobile application. The main interface has 3 major sections that we can go through. Similar to the desktop application, the mobile application functions pretty similar, however if includes a more user-friendly design for replying to customers through the phone.

Intro Screen


By pressing the bottom right button, you can access the setting to change your account information, Active or Away, Language Settings, and our Terms and Privacy Policies.

Settings Interface

To change your language, you can click into the Language button. There are only two available languages at the moment with more coming in the near future.

Traditional Chinese Interface
Language Change Page

Frequent Questions

  • I saw the Call and Email buttons on the User Profile sections, are those available as well?

Currently this function is not live yet, we will update our guide or send you updates personally when a change has been issued.

  • Can you label users like the desktop version?

This feature will be released in the upcoming phone version update, we will update our guide here to reflect the changes made.