Customising Website Messenger

A guide to customise your website messenger from designs to messaging flows for a complete customer experience.

After publishing the website messenger, you should now navigate to Settings | Website Messenger to customise your widget for your own site.

On this step, you'll be able to customise your website messenger by:

1. Add Company logo

In order for your company logo to appear on top of the widget, like below:

Please upload a PNG file of your company logo here:

A PNG file ensures that the background is transparent.

2. Edit Section Titles

You can edit titles on the widgets if you wish to customise or write in multi-language.

3. Edit Tagline - A few lines to introduce your team

This tagline is the first message that you want your customers to see when expanding the widget.

Enter your introduction lines here - it could be a brief introduction or promotional message.

4. Show instant messaging channels

The instant messaging channels will be shown automatically when you connect them to your accounts.

Please follow the instructions to connect WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat etc. to your SleekFlow space.

5. Show your contents

You can put up to 3 links to showcase your key contents or links to your customers.

Links | Widget

Simply enter 3 hyperlinks into the boxes and the widget will show the featured image, title and meta description accordingly.

6. Setting welcome message and auto-reply

Welcome messages only appear on the live chat messenger. It proactively reaches your targeted customers.

Welcome | Message

Auto-reply message appears when someone replied to your welcome messages.

The conversation will then be assigned to one of your staff according to your preset assignment rules.

Auto-reply messages will be applied on all your instant messaging channels too.

Enter your welcome messages and auto-reply messages here:

Welcome | Widget

7. Save and Preview your website messenger

Preview & Save

Click "Save" on the top right and make sure you have entered or uploaded everything. Click "Preview" to open the website messenger in a new window before installing on your site.

Done! Please check again your website! You should now see a beautiful lead generation monster live on your website!